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cervical traction devices

Cervical Traction

Cervical traction can be a great alternative treatment for neck pain and related injuries. Basically, it pulls your head away from the rest of you to create space (expansion) where there was compression before; this helps eliminate some discomfort while also helping avoid medication or surgery if possible! It’s not uncommon at all in our clinic when someone comes into see us with bad posture because they're always looking down as well - so cervical traction might just do what other treatments don't by giving them more positioning options than ever thought possible...

spine traction devices

Spine Traction

Spinal traction is a treatment option that has been used for many years to help patients with spinal injuries. The application of the force pulls on bone in order to realign broken vertebrae or adjust crooked backbone structures, causing your spine's axis (a line connecting each pair) shift without stressing other parts so it should be safe! Spinal therapists usually use weights and halo vest harnesses when applying this technique but there are some devices available today which don't require these tools; they just need you wear them correctly while lying down at first then monitor how well things go...

neck traction devices

Neck Traction

Neck traction is a type of therapy that uses pulling force on the neck. These usually stretch or other exercises to relieve pain in this area, which can sometimes involve devices you could use at home as well--although doctors might prescribe them differently depending on your condition and symptoms. The concept works by using both tension (the direction one tries harder) and counterforce; when pulled apart like opposite ends if two ropes tied together firmly but not too tight, they'll stay put while everything else moves around it without being attached anymore..

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