Trach Collar

What is a Trach Collar?

Pronex Cervical Traction DeviceA tracheostomy tube is a device that is used to provide access to the airway in order to deliver oxygen and other gases. It provides access to the airway when it cannot be reached by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Trach collars are medical devices worn around the neck in order to stabilize and support a person’s throat and neck muscles while offering an opening for the trach tube.

A person may need a tracheostomy tube if they have a:

  • Serious injury of the neck
  • Brain injury
  • Issues with breathing for genetic reasons

A Trach Collar is a collar used to support the neck and head of someone who has had a tracheostomy. The device allows for an individual to speak without needing to remove the collar.

The Trach Collar is made up of two separate pieces:

  • The Jaw Piece – this piece supports the jaw, nose, and forehead while allowing access to the mouth
  • The Neck Piece – this piece stabilizes the neck. It also provides some stability for moving one’s head.

A tracheal collar is a device that is used to support or stabilize the throat. It can also be used to prevent the wearer from biting down on his or her own tongue. The tracheal collar can also be used to help keep an airway open. It is a medical device that is very important for some patients. Be sure that you fully understand how to remove and put on a trach collar properly for the full benefits of the trach collar.

How to Choose the Right Trach Collar for You?

neck cervical traction deviceA tracheal collar is a device that is used to support the neck and protect the airway. They are often prescribed to patients with cervical spine injuries, those who have difficulty swallowing or have a compromised airway.

The two most common types of tracheal collars are a hard cervical collar and a soft cervical collar. Neither of these collars offers complete protection from injury, but each offers different advantages for different kinds of patients. Be sure to speak with your doctor about what type of trach collar is right for you.

How to Care for Your Trach Collar Properly

Just like anything else that we wear, the Trach Collar will need to be cleaned. You should never remove your trach collar if you have not been properly trained. It is used to offer support to the head and removing it improperly could cause harm. Be sure that you understand how to do this safely.

Important steps for collar care are:

  1. Clean your collar regularly. You should use a solution that is ½ hydrogen peroxide and saline mixture.
  2. Store the collar in a clean, dry place when it is not being used.
  3. Avoid using any cleaning product that contains harsh chemicals, since these may damage the collar’s material or irritate the skin where it comes into contact with the skin directly.

Proper care for your trachea collar will help keep you healthy and prevent infection or irritation of your neck or throat area.

What Is the Purpose of a Trach Collar

neck cervical traction imageA tracheotomy is used when the person needs assistance to breathe. This could be for a variety of reasons, from having an injury to being born with health issues, or many other reasons. When a trach is placed, it can easily become blocked, or the person’s head can get into a position that will not allow the air to flow freely. That is why a trach collar is used.

A tracheostomy collar is a device used to keep the tracheostomy tube in place, preventing it from falling out of the hole. It is typically attached to the neck and tightened to provide support to the tube and to hold the head up and keep the neck straight so that the airway isn’t pinched off.

A trach collar is a breathing device. It is most often used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers to help people with a tracheostomy breathe. It comes in the form of a collar that goes around the person’s neck. A trach collar is worn up to 24 hours per day, even during sleep for some patients. Because of this, it needs to be comfortable enough for patients not to wake up when it is being adjusted or cleaned.

Trach Collars

Some patients will have to wear their trach collar 24 hours a day. However, there are some incidents where it is only worn at night. If the person is conscious enough to realize they need to keep their airway clear, that patient might be able to get away with only wearing the trach collar at night. This means that there is more freedom in cleaning the collar and finding one that fits best.

A trach collar is also used to ensure that the patient will retain proper neck posture and positioning. If the patient cannot hold their head properly, then there will be issues in the spine over time. This is quite similar to text neck. Text neck occurs with people when they look down too much over time. This device will help keep the spine in the proper position. This results in helping to prevent other medical problems down the road.

What trach collar is best for you?

Tracheal tubes are designed to provide a clear airway for people who cannot breathe adequately on their own. A tracheal tube is inserted into the patient’s throat through an incision made in the front of the neck. When a patient has a trach, they will need to have a way to ensure that it is clear for the air to get through. This is why some patients need to have a trach collar.

A trach collar comes in a variety of different fashions, and some are even heated. These heated versions are for patients that have issues with thicker mucus stopping up the tub. Such heated versions can help keep the airway clear for such patients. This will help prevent infections in the lung, nose, and sinus cavities. Finding a trach collar can be a bit of a challenge. Ask your doctor what they suggest.

What is a Heat Trach Collar & How Does it Work?

neck cervical tractionTracheal tubes are often used when there are problems with breathing due to an obstruction of the airway. Trach Collars can also be used in cases where there are problems with swallowing due to stroke, injury, or surgery. Heat can be added to these collars to help with the comfort of the patient or improve breathing. Heat Trach Collars are neck collars designed to reduce the risk of a person’s airway closing off and allowing the trach tube to remain present. People with thick mucus or other fluids benefit from the heat.

A heated trach collar is helpful for patients with respiratory problems. It provides a warm, moist environment that keeps the throat from drying out and causing discomfort. There are many different types of heated trach collars available on the market, so patients can find the right one for them.

The use of heated trach collars for patients

Heat Trach Collars can be used for people that have various medical conditions that require a tracheostomy to be inserted into their neck for proper breathing. It helps to hold the head up and keep the airway open. They are used just like regular Trach Collars and shouldn’t be removed by people who are not trained. They are also designed to keep the neck in proper alignment so that other medical conditions do not occur.

Heated trach collars are not only used for the comfort of the patient but can also provide some medical relief as well. If the patient has thick mucus, it can help warm the mucus. This helps prevent infections or liquid build-up by keeping things more fluid. It also helps prevent infections in the nose and sinuses. This is why, for some patients, a heated tracheal collar is necessary. However, others are fine with just the basic model.

If the patient likes the feel of the warmth, it shouldn’t harm a patient to wear something warm.  They just do not offer any additional medical benefits other than loosening up the muscles in the neck area.

Which Type of Heated Tracheal Collar Should You Use?

Choosing the best heated tracheal neck brace is not an easy task. It involves knowing what the patient’s needs are and what are the best brands on the market. You should do your research to identify the various options out there. As mentioned, there are heated and non-heated options.

Most people can avoid having to use the heated ones, as the non-heated work just fine.  However, certain medical conditions require heated trach collars in order to prevent mucus build-up and infections.

The most important thing is to find the trach collar that suits you the best. Experiment with different types of heated tracheal collars and see which one is more comfortable for you. There is no single type that will work for everyone. Be sure that you speak with your doctor about the benefits of having a heated trach collar and determine if it is best for you.

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