BodySport TracCollar Cervical Traction Review

Bodysport TracCollar

The Bodysport TracCollar is a traction collar that inflates and is equipped with two handheld pumps that work individually to inflate the right and left sides of the neck traction device. The wearer will use the pumps to control and regulate the amount of traction used in order to provide more effective and comfortable treatment. When both sides are inflated they work to create upward pressure on the head, which in turn creates upward pressure on the neck, relieving pressure caused by strained muscles, arthritis, pinched nerves, and herniated discs.

More About BodySport

Bodysport is a company that has a reputation for producing a wide range of affordable medical devices for home use, making them one of the leaders in the industry. But their newest cervical collar traction system, developed by orthopedic engineers for professional and home use, features a simple setup and components made from affordable materials. This TracCollar device uses air traction to help take pressure off muscles for pain relief in the neck.

One of the Best Traction Collar Models

Ultimately, this neck traction device model scored well with consumers based on pricing and use, however, many consumers found the product’s design somewhat limiting because it prevents the user from starting or stopping treatment on their own.

Bodysport TracCollar Traction Collar Assessment

The inflatable cervical traction collar that inflates to gently stretch the neck has long has been debated as far as how effective it really is. Of course, this model is offered at a much more affordable price than what you’ll find with non-inflatable Body Sport models, but can it give you the type of results you need?

Pain Relief for Varying Conditions

This will ultimately depend on your needs and the severity of your condition. If you’re suffering from severe chronic pain, this model may not be for you. This therapeutic traction collar uses traction to help improve posture, mobility, and circulation by relieving pressure in the muscles and joints with an effective daily treatment on less severe pain conditions.

The neck traction device is perfect for milder cases and can help with pain relief from pain that’s associated with neck strain, muscle spasms, and chronic headaches. This Body Sport neck traction device also isn’t recommended for people who have preexisting TMJ issues.

Structure of the Body Sport Neck Traction Device

This model is operated by two handheld inflation pumps and is constructed from plastic foam. The inflatable bladders contain natural rubber latex material with a 97% cotton and 3% lycra fabric casing for a comfortable and lightweight collar that allows customers’ shoulders and arms easy movement. This design fastens with both buckles and Velcro and is easy to apply and remove.

The collar has a one-year manufacturer warranty and comes with a free carrying case.

How to Use the BodySport TracCollar

To use this neck traction device, place it on your neck, with the inflation pumps in the front and the opening in the back. The design of the TracCollar device intends to allow for as much freedom in the neck, shoulders, and arms as possible and effectively relieve pressure from the neck

Positioning the Collar

The chin should be placed in the groove located at the front of the TracCollar device. Adjust the collar using the Velcro, which fastens easily with buckles. The collar should comfortably rest against the back and front of the neck. While the ends of each side of the collar do not touch, the bladders still work to evenly inflate the Body Sport TracCollar device.

Sitting Up or Lying Down

If you want to try treatment sitting up, your head must be facing forward in a level position. When lying down during treatment, most user’s recommend placing a pillow under the head.

Increasing the Pressure

The collar can be inflated by using the two hand pumps, pumping the collar up until you feel a light stretch in your neck. You can easily adjust the left and right sides by inflating the appropriate pump in order to find the right level of traction. The manufacturer states that the pump should not be pressed more than a total of fifteen times per side.

Once you’re finished inflating the collar, you can simply press the valve to release the pressure.

Cervical Traction Collar Pros and Cons

TracCollar by BodysportPros:

This TracCollar is a well-constructed, affordable model that’s easy to use and actually works quite well to treat a wide variety of mild to moderate neck problems. The bladders are surrounded by foam, which gives it the feel of a higher-priced device. Using the push-button air release valve is simple, as opposed to models that use the screw-type air release method.

Super Adjustable

Because both of the natural rubber latex bladders in the sides of the collar are able to inflate independently of each other, the user is able to fine-tune the pressure for each side of the TracCollar. The ability to independently inflate either side of the collar is perfect for consumers who require a higher level of pressure on one side of the neck. It is available in a couple of sizes, the regular (14″-16″) and the large (16″-18″) with the most popular being the regular (14″-16″) size.

Convenient and Portable

Highly portable and includes a carrying case, this Body Sport model can easily be folded up and transported for use at work or on the go for daily treatment and pain relief no matter where you are. It does not require assembly or batteries, making it simple and convenient.


Developed by orthopedic engineers, this model fastens easily with buckles, includes a carrying case, and uses two hand-held inflation pumps that individually inflate the left and right sides. Unfortunately, this Body Sport collar buckles in the back, which can pose some problems for users who suffer from impaired mobility. Essentially, this type of design can require the assistance of another person when applying or removing the collar. However, the straps are pretty long so it doesn’t take much flexibility to manage the buckles in the back for most users.

Difficult to Secure

Many cervical collar devices are specially designed to allow the user more independence during treatment, but this collar obviously requires the help of an additional person to help with securing or removing the collar for consumers with severe mobility issues. This is a huge downside for many consumers.

Risk of Exacerbation

The fact that the collar can also exacerbate TMJ problems is another reason to pass this model by. Some consumers were disappointed in this model’s performance, stating that it simply wasn’t strong enough to provide the type of results they were hoping for.

It also tends to apply too much pressure to the jawline and ears, posing potential TMJ soreness. The fact that this device uses latex components can cause an allergic reaction in consumers with latex sensitivities.

Related Products

For people who are in need of a higher pressure level, many consumers recommended the Pronex cervical traction device, which is offered at a significantly higher price but is said to feature stronger levels of pressure, a better fit, and a design that allows the user to remove or secure the device on their own, without the aid of another person.

Inflatable Cervical Traction Device Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased TracCollar by Bodysport gave it a rating of four out of five stars for fit, pricing, and overall quality. Consumers with moderate chronic neck issues may not benefit from use simply because this device doesn’t have the type of pressure power that other models in a higher price range can offer. Ultimately, many consumers felt that this device was unable to offer adequate pressure for chronic pain sufferers.


BodySport TracCollar Cervical Traction Video

January 19, 2017