Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator 1400D Review

Dual Disc Hydrator by Posture Pump

The Posture Pro dual disc hydrator 1400D by Posture Pump has the reputation of being one of the most comfortable cervical traction models on the market made in the USA. The 1400 has received a total revamp from Posture Pump’s past model the 1100. This Posture Pump model is designed to decompress the neck in two different areas, which relieves even more pain and pressure and is one of the top health care professionals recommended Posture Pump products for treating neck pain. Please feel free to view the customer reviews and feedback that have been provided on this item, as well as pricing and other items and pain relief products for cervical traction.

Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator Model Overview

When it comes to a stiff neck, back pain, and muscle tension there are a number of benefits that come with using this cervical traction device. During Posture Pump treatment, the neck is gently pulled in order to stretch the area. While the neck is stretching the spine is stretched a little as well. If nerves in the spine are pinched, this can work to take some of the pressure off it and in turn minimize chronic back pain.

Posture Pump Disc Hydrator Treatment

Each Posture Pump disc hydrator model treatment is ten to fifteen minutes in length, but the results you’ll feel are immediate. This Posture Pump device can be used to treat upper back and neck tightness, pinched nerves, and herniated discs, reduces and corrects forward head, neck, back, and spine posture restores the proper neck curve, relieves painful neck and upper back stiffness, and decreases disc bulging as it hydrates compressed discs.

As we have mentioned, this Posture Pump treatment is also highly effective for treating bulging discs, which can also pinch nerves if they lose enough fluid in the middle. By gently pulling the spine apart, these Posture Pump treatments will help the disc’s fluid slip back into place and correct upper back hump posture providing relief from pain and stiffness.

Treating Neck and Upper Back Pain

When it comes to treating back stiffness, headaches, and neck pain via Posture Pump products, this device can work to stretch the muscles located at the base of the skull and the back of the neck. These muscles can cause chronic headaches if too tight.

When Not to Use

While cervical traction treatment is a great option for many conditions, there are some conditions in which using this Posture Pump device would not be safe. This includes people with osteoporosis, people just recovering from spinal fusion surgery, people with upper back hump posture tendencies, and those affected by spinal problems where the bones in the spine slip out of alignment.

Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression EED air cells

This innovative disc hydrator model has incorporated a couple of angled EED air cells which will decompress the shape of the neck and upper back area. By expanding ellipsoidal decompression EED via posture pump technology treats stiffness and relieves pain, neck, back, head, and shoulder stress. This focuses on treating compressive upper body posture.

Comfort and Support by Design

The addition of the comfort visor provides added support. It focuses on firmly molding to the shape of the user’s neck, completely bypassing the jaw and chin so there’s absolutely no contact. These Posture Pump products offer a huge benefit for consumers who suffer from TMJ pain or for those who have failed to use their cervical traction device consistently in the past because of the pain it may have caused in those areas.

Safe Pain Relief for the Neck and Back

This Posture Pump device also won’t hyperextend the neck. Utilizing only moderate levels of pressure, the Posture Pump Dual product will provide comfortable disc hydration and compression while also restoring and shaping the neck curve.

The Posture Pump Dual product will also relieve painful upper back and neck stiffness, headaches, and fatigue, shape and restores the proper neck curve, decrease disc bulging, correct and reduce forward neck, head, and upper back posture, improve range of motion, and flexibility and it will also apply to reverse pressure to the upper back area.

A Gradual Head Neck and Upper Back Treatment

This model of products produced by Posture Pro works to gradually separate and stretch the back and neck joints, which allows them to fall back into their curved shape. As the spine is curved and stretched over angled cells, compression will be removed from the discs, so fluid that’s nutrient-rich can be effectively absorbed into the joints.

When the spine is forced out of its natural curved shape it can cause loss of joint lubrication and ultimately disc compression. When the cervical disc joints are dry, they will age rapidly and wear unevenly, which can cause pain, stiffness, and discomfort in the back.

Improving Overall Health

Using this Posture Pump device to limber up vertebrae and improve cervical disc health can provide impressive results and a healthier spine and improves flexibility or range of motion. Because this model is hand operated, the user will be able to fully control the pressure with the pump motion, lightweight, easy to operate, built to last, and requires minimal assembly with great customer service. In order to get the best results from the Posture Pump treatment you’ll need to use this device on a completely flat, hard surface, otherwise, treatment will not be very effective.

Posture Pump Pros and Cons

Posture Pump Dual Disc HydratorPros

The Dual works to relieve headaches and neck stiffness and helps to instantly treat the cause of discomfort. Lightweight and portable, this model is easy to set up and operate, made with travel in mind. The manufacturer recommends using this model for just ten or fifteen minutes, one to two times a day. The lightweight design allows you to take this device close wherever you go, for fast, easy treatment.

Consumers suffering from chronic pain reported an overall reduction in daily pain after using this machine one to two times daily for a period of two weeks. Consistency is crucial to successful treatment. Many consumers also stated that during the first week or two of use they experienced sore and tender neck muscles, but with persistence, tender muscles will slowly become used to the treatment. While some consumers felt that these items had a high price, many consumers felt that the Dual products were worth every penny.


One consumer ran into a problem with the device’s bladder. After a month, they reported that the device began to leak air rapidly. Upon close inspection they found that the seams loosened after frequent use, causing the air to escape. Fortunately, this issue is covered under the product warranty, so the device can be exchanged for a new model. The manufacturer recommends slowly pumping the pressure to avoid this problem.

Other consumers had issues with the Dual’s fit, even when they ordered the correct size. Some consumers felt this device was uncomfortable to use, even with lower pressure. Others felt that treatment exacerbated their condition.

Professional Input

Prior to use, meet with your physician or physical therapist to determine if this device will be safe and effective. A health care physician can recommend a safe treatment plan and an appropriate level of pressure.

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Dual Conclusion and Rating

Consumers gave Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator 1400D a rating of four out of five stars for adjustment options, portability, quality, and results. The different size options and good pricing were also a huge selling point for this device and really helped the Dual to stand out from competitors. Please contact us if you have more questions on this item or any other items!


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January 19, 2017