Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Sleeping with the right pillows for neck and shoulder pain can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. The right type of pillow can determine how healthfully you recharge and rest.

But the wrong type of pillow can worsen neck and shoulder pain and can even cause chronic headaches and tension in the face. While the wrong pillow won’t be the cause of ongoing pain in the neck, it can certainly exacerbate many underlying problems that are linked to pain symptoms.

If the pillow you use is past its prime it may also contain dust mites, fungus, mildew, mold, and skin cells.

Experts recommend purchasing a new pillow once a year. After two years it’s definitely time for a change.

Once you find the right neck pillow, you can prevent any additional pain due to neck strain by performing stiff neck exercises.

Choosing the right Pillows for Neck Support Based on Sleeping Position

Many experts believe that poor support and neck posture during the night can be responsible for waking up with neck stiffness and pain. Headaches that originate from neck strain can be caused by using a pillow that’s too firm and pushes the neck out too far.

Some studies have shown that using the proper pillow can help to reduce pain and improve the quality of sleep. Choosing the proper pillow should be based on your size, health needs and budget.

Before you purchase a pillow, think about how you sleep and the position you sleep in. Keeping your head in neutral alignment is the goal of using a pillow.

If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll probably enjoy a thinner pillow that will not throw your neck and head forward, causing tension and pain. You should also look for a model that will work to gently cradle the neck by including extra padding in the bottom portion of the pillow.

If you sleep on your side, you’ll need a firmer pillow and one that’s able to provide the proper cushioning between the outside shoulder and ear.

Stomach sleepers should look for a pillow that’s almost flat. Commonly, stomach sleepers may not even need a pillow for their head and instead can tuck a pillow under the stomach in order to prevent lower back pain.

Neck Pillows Based on Filling Type

right-Pillows-for-Neck-SupportWhen it comes to pillow fillings, there are many options to choose from. The most common type of pillow filling is a down combo, polyester fiberfill or foam. Latex pillows and memory foam are pretty popular these days, especially among people who are desperately in need of added neck support.

The type of pillow that’s right for you will depend on how you feel daily. Most people have a variety of pillows to choose from, using a certain type of pillow based on the location of aches and pains.

If you’re shopping for a foam model, go by the density. The higher the density, the less chance of breakdown and the more neck support you’ll enjoy.

Memory foam pillows are on the pricey side, but once you’ve slept on one you’ll never go back to down. These pillows are popular because they help to minimize pressure points by constantly adjusting and molding to the shape of the user’s body as they move throughout the night. This type of pillow comes in a variety of styles. For neck pain, the most popular choice is the contoured S-shape. Keep in mind that memory foam has a reputation for making sleepers hot.

The firmest type of pillow and one that can resist dust mites and mold is latex. These pillows can also help with neck and back alignment and are often contoured for neck support.

Cotton and wool pillows can resist dust mites and mold and are hypoallergenic. If you love an extra squishy pillow then this isn’t the type of pillow for you.

A down pillow is affordable and allows the user to move the stuffing around so it can provide the most support where you want it. This style is firm, yet soft and provides adequate support for both the neck and shoulders. A combination of fifty percent down and fifty percent feathers works well because the feathers are quite supportive and will act like springs.

The Buyer’s Guide for the Perfect Neck Pillow

When you’re shopping for a pillow that can offer the best support, you should consider more than cost. Just because a pillow is higher in price doesn’t mean it will offer the best night’s sleep. The majority of the time you can find a reasonably priced pillow that offers the perfect blend of firmness and comfort.

Many models are designed to address specific needs such as neck pain, headaches, and hot flashes.

Cervical pillows are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. These pillows can add extra cushioning in the lower part of the pillow in order to adequately support the neck. Physicians believe that with consistent use, these pillows can significantly reduce chronic pain in the neck and shoulders.

A water pillow is favored by many chiropractors and physical therapists. These pillows use water which allows the user to customize the level of support and density.

A cool pillow is a perfect solution to night sweats or hot flashes. These pillows utilize a filling of tiny beads that work to whisk away and absorb moisture, leaving your pillow cool and dry.

Pillows that are labeled as oxygen promoting use technology that’s based on studies of sock fabrics. These sock fabrics worked to increase circulation in patients with diabetes. These pillows also use the same type of technology in order to increase oxygen content in blood vessels. Some consumers who use this type of pillow also reported a reduction in pain.

An anti-snore pillow is designed to minimize snoring, however, there is little research showing how the design of a pillow can affect how much or how little a person snores. However, many consumers swear by them.

A positional pillow is designed for side, back and stomach sleepers. This type of pillow can provide much-needed extra support and is the perfect choice for people who suffer from chronic pain.