Dealing with Chronic Back Pain

When dealing with chronic back pain it is important to assess your posture.  And, how your work and home life affect it. If you are a person that stands or sits all day at work, you should take breaks to ensure that you are giving your body a break from looking down all the time or being hunched over.  Your workstation should be set up so that you are looking up at your monitors to allow for compensation of looking down.

Our society is looking down too often.  This means that we are getting dependant on our devices all too much.  The more we can counteract that the better.   However, from time to time we will need to use a device or traction to adjust our posture.

Have you ever stopped and watched people walking by?  If you haven’t you should!  Our society rounding up in the middle of the shoulder blades. The rounding is called text neck and it is an epidemic around the world.  Text neck is the main source for many people’s chronic back pain. 

Text Neck and Chronic Pain

Our spine has a natural curvature.  This curvature is being changed with our poor posture and gravity, which causes text neck.  When this happens, and it is different for every person, it causes pain.  Sometimes the pain isn’t even located in the neck. 

Think of your head as a bowling ball.  It was made to sit up on top of the spine in a perfect way.  However, with life, abrupt falls and car accidents this perfect spinal model was broken down.  This now makes this bowling ball hang forward instead of on top of the shoulders.  This will pull at the spine in various positions. This can be not only at the neck but even in the middle and lower back.  These curves need to be reintroduced into the spine with the use of cervical traction devices. 

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Other things that can help relieve some of that back pain is proper diet and exercise.  Carrying around a few extra pounds is a huge deal to your spine.  You should have a proper diet and exercise routine to ensure that you are cutting out weight and improving the muscle mass. 

Ice and heat can also help with chronic pain.  Although this is not something that is going to fix the ongoing issue, it can help until you can get into a see a proper chiropractor. 

Ice is used for bone pain.  That means if your bones hurt, you need ice, however, if it is muscle pain, you need heat.  If you are not sure and apply heat when it is bone pain you will surely know without a doubt.  Bone pain will flair up to heat.  This is a good solid indication that you need ice and not heat.

There are also several over the counter things that can be done to help ease the pain.  And, of course, pain relievers as well.  However, it is important to determine what is actually causing the pain.  Our bodies express pain because there is something wrong. 

The best bet is to see a Chiropractor and have them get an x-ray to determine exactly what is going on.  There are many reasons for chronic back pain and you do not want a chiropractor that doesn’t use x-ray as they cannot see everything and if they go to correct you and didn’t realize you had a condition this could go the wrong way fast.