ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit Review

ComforTrac Cervical Traction UnitCervical traction in the comfort of your home is considered one of the best ways to manage mild to moderate neck pain without expensive therapies or medication. These devices are often found in rehab and physical therapy clinics, and if you’ve ever tried one then you know how effective this type of treatment can be and how easy they are to use.

This home care treatment will give you total control over managing your ongoing neck pain and can even take the place of costly weekly physical therapy appointments. Using a high range of pressure options, you’ll enjoy daily treatments that are just as effective as the kind you’ll receive in a doctor’s office. In fact, many physicians recommend this model to their patients who are struggling to manage chronic neck pain.

The cervical traction unit by ComforTrac features a compact, lightweight design that makes this model highly portable. This home unit will allow you to experience the benefits of cervical traction, for just a fraction of the price you would pay at a chiropractor’s office.

ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device Rundown

This model is portable, small and easy to fold up and comes equipped with a padded bag you can use to transport it.

The device is adjustable from fifteen to twenty-five degrees, with the traction delivered in the supine position.

This model features a one-button pump release design. The hand pump works to make it easy to decrease or increase the force of traction used. This model offers a total of fifty pounds of traction. This device also features automatic carriage return. The memory foam headrest ensures user comfort during the traction process, while the forehead strap works to keep you secure and stable during treatment.

On the back of the unit, you’ll find a couple of adjustable clips, which will allow each wedge to move for a more customized fit.

The included user’s guide and instructional video will discuss how to properly use this device and provides demonstrations that will show you the proper form and techniques to use during treatment, how to correctly adjust the device and care and maintenance tips.

To use the device, place it on a flat surface. The back of your head will rest on the symmetrical foam U-shaped cushion, next, the tube should be pumped up in order to hydraulically lift the cushion up and gently stretch the neck. As the piston is pumped, the pad will be pulled up the rail, which works to pull the head and stretch the neck. The user can apply as much or as little pressure as needed. By pressing a button the air is released and the pad will return to the initial position.

You must read the included instructions and watch the video demonstration prior to use. Consumers have reported experiencing additional inflammation after treatment, but this is often caused by using the incorrect amount of pressure or using the device too frequently.

This device also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Cervical Traction Device Pros and Cons

Pros: Many consumers felt that this device was very effective and worked to reduce muscle resistance through the supine position. It helps to relieve tension in the back, neck, and head and is relatively comfortable to use. Consumers also noted, that unlike many other models, there was no TMJ discomfort experienced because the design works to direct the traction force toward the back of the head, thus preventing TMJ compression.

Setup only takes a couple of minutes and most users found that they could position themselves easily in the device, without the need of assistance. The unit’s new pump design makes this model much easier to use and eliminates any air leaks. The gauge displays pounds and kilograms so the consumer can easily use it as directed by a physician or physical therapist. The neck wedges are comfortable and highly adjustable, allowing the user to adjust the width. They’re also removable and machine washable.

The model’s pressure valve will limit the max force to fifty pounds. You’ll also find an emergency relief valve that will allow you to release the pressure immediately. This provides you with total control at all times.

Even though this is a cervical traction device, many consumers stated that they could feel the stretch all the way down their spine.

Cons: This device comes with a bit of a learning curve, so you’ll need to use it consistently in order to determine the right amount of pressure to use and how to adjust it. The quality of the Velcro strap is a common complaint. Many consumers stated that the strap remained too loose which had a negative effect on the treatment. For users with a larger neck, the strap can be awkward to use because it doesn’t have much give and can feel uncomfortably tight.

One consumer had issues with the device slowly losing pressure. As an example, if they pump the pressure up to thirty pounds, after five to ten minutes the pressure will drop to just twenty pounds.

Should you run into this issue you can contact customer service for a replacement model. Fortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to be very common.

Consumers who were unable to get a good fit with this model recommended checking out the Saunders cervical traction device, which is priced a little higher but has been described as more versatile and just as effective.

ComforTrac Conclusion and Rating

Overall, most consumers who purchased this model were more than satisfied by its performance and the results after consistent treatment. Most users reported that they noticed a significant reduction in neck pain after just a couple of sessions. Of course, we recommend consulting your physician prior to trying this device at home. Your doctor can recommend a safe pressure setting and even determine if this type of treatment will be effective for your ongoing neck issues.

Consumers gave ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit an impressive five out of five-star rating which makes it our top rated product and one of the best cervical traction devices on the market.