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Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Sleeping with the right pillows for neck and shoulder pain can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. The right type of pillow can determine how healthfully you recharge and rest. But the wrong type of pillow can worsen neck and shoulder pain and can even cause chronic headaches and tension in […]

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Bodyweight Back Exercises for Workout Progress

Hunching over your desk, phone or laptop for several hours on end won’t do your back any favors. The back is one of the most important and biggest muscle groups that people are guilty of ignoring. Bodyweight back exercises are crucial to preventing back injuries from occurring and maintaining functional movement. The back is actually […]

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Stiff Neck Exercises for Pain Management

Stiff neck exercises are a common part of a neck pain treatment program. These exercise programs consist of a combo of strengthening exercises and stretching, trigger point exercises and aerobic conditioning. Recurrent or chronic neck can be very debilitating and can often be accompanied by headaches, shoulder blade pain, and upper back pain. These issues, […]

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